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"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery." - YSL This tumblr will feature some forward thinking designers, and some attempts at styling done by myself.


Over the holiday season, I went back to my home town near the south suburbs of Chicago. While on my 4 day vacation, I got to venture out to see what kind of clothes I could find. While at the local mall, I was stopped by this ridiculously dress man, think zoot suit riot. His store was in shambles, racks on rack on racks of suits, shirts, cumber-buns you name it. This man was Jimmy Holmes, of Jimmy Holmes Custom Suiting of Kankakee. He’s been in the suiting business for over 40 years. Originally located in downtown Kankakee, closed up shop about 3 years ago and now is at the mall.

This is all besides the point.

I told him I was looking for a nice tweed suit and I cant find a decent priced one in Chicago. He pulled four really top quality choices, Houndstooth, etc. However he pulled out this nice suit out for me, a Harris Tweed done in Herringbone. This one pictured had a nice twist. The collar comes with a button flap clasp to cover over when you pair the jacket with topcoat. It fits like a glove, especially for something bespoken with another person’s measurements. The only thing I’m having work done to it are the arms. The sleeves need to be reset to better shape my shoulders and arms. Good find. Originally $675, I knocked him down to $230. I pick it up in a couple of days. 

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